8 Sexy Wedding Cake Toppers

When it comes to unique wedding cake toppers, some brides and grooms are not afraid of pushing the envelope and perhaps display a preview of their honeymoon as part of their wedding cake topper.

See some of the sexy wedding cake toppers from around the web (that was safe for us to showcase) that made our list!

1- Sexy Bride & Groom Wedding Cake Topper Figurine
Sold By: Weddingcollectibles.com
Price: $24.95

It looks like the honeymoon has already started for this sexy bride and groom! Display this over excited sexy bride and groom figurines as part of your wedding cake topper to create quite a commotion at your wedding. Both bride and groom hair colors are customizable.

Sexy bride & groom wedding cake topper


2- Sexy “Tender Touch” Wedding Cake Topper
Sold ByWeddingcollectibles.com
Price: $26.95

Share your naughty side with your guests with this excited bride and groom that are giving each other a tender pay. You could customize the hair colors for both bride and groom. The unit weighs less than 0.30 lbs and is 5” in height and 2” in base diameter.

Tender touch sexy wedding cake topper


3- “Funny Sexy” African American Wedding Bride And Groom Cake Topper Figurine
Sold By: Weddingmountain.com
Price: $29.95

If you are looking to cause a commotion at your wedding reception, then this hand-painted wedding cake topper is what you are looking for. This piece could also be used for bridal showers or bachelorette parties or on groom’s cake.

Sexy african american bride & groom wedding cake topper


4- Unique Super Sexy Spy Rhinestone Wedding Rings Cake Topper
Sold By: Sears.com
Price: $39.95

This sexy wedding cake topper displays a pair of entwined rhinestone rings on a bow and tulle.  You can be sure that this topper is going to make a statement at your wedding ceremony.

Sexy spy wedding cake topper


5- Sexy Eager Bride With USMC Marine Corps Military Groom
Sold By: Etsy.com
Price: $125.00

This fine detailed hand painted sexy wedding cake topper is made out of porcelain and stands 5.5” tall. You can customize the hair colors. Delivery should take approx. 3 weeks.

Sexy marine wedding cake topper


6- Sexy “Legs Wrapped Around” Wedding Cake Topper
Sold By: Aliexpress.com
Price: $16.20

A bit more towards the provocative side, this sexual wedding cake topper might create a bit more than a buzz during your wedding cake cutting ceremony.

Sexy legs wedding cake topper


7- Sexy Dancing Wedding Cake Toppers
Sold By: Aliexpress.com
Price: $15.00

A sexy wedding cake topper with a sexy dancing bride with her leg wrapped around the groom should make a great cake topper for any dance loving bride and groom.

Sexy dancing wedding cake topper


8- Sexy Las Vegas Wedding Cake Topper
Sold By: Weddingcollectibles.com
Price: $31.95

This fully customizable sexy wedding cake topper will create the perfect addition to your wedding cake. It showcases a royal flush or hearts with glitter tulle and sequin trim. The figurines are hand-painted and are made out of resin.

Sexy Las Vegas wedding cake topper


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