Saving The Top Tier Of The Wedding Cake Tradition

Customarily the top tier of the wedding cake was always saved for serving either on the couple’s first anniversary or at the christening of their first child – whichever came first. Started in England the custom survived for centuries and is still occasionally observed today. However, in the past the wedding cake was a brandy-soaked fruit affair that was easily preserved for long periods of time; besides couples had children almost immediately after marriage so keeping the cake was sensible.

Today, wedding cakes are made from delicious but hard to preserve flavors and fillings and most couples wait at least a year before even thinking about having children so saving the top tier of the wedding cake becomes a harder proposition.

If you do want to still keep to tradition then make sure to wrap the cake properly in plastic wrap and tin foil and freeze it as soon as possible after the wedding reception. Most cakes will keep for up to three months in this fashion. You can thaw and eat the cake when you return from your honeymoon, to celebrate a birthday or any other festive occasion. However, if you do want to save the top tier of your wedding cake it means adding to the cake’s already high cost – saving the top tier means that you will have to add a tier in order to feed your guests. With the price of wedding cakes being what they are, following an out-dated tradition may not be worth it.

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Is it Necessary to Save the Wedding Cake?

One of the oldest traditions surrounding weddings is the saving of the top tier
of the cake to be eaten on the couple’s first anniversary or at the birth of their first child. Although still observed by some couples this tradition seems to be falling by the way side as the cost of wedding cakes has sky-rocketed. However, if you plan on keeping and freezing the top tier of your wedding cake then it is important to mention this to your cake designer before hand.

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Your cake designer will be able to tell you how to properly remove and freeze the top tier of your wedding cake. They will also be able to tell whether or not the cake will keep for a year or if you should be planning on eating the cake for your third month anniversary instead.

If you are planning on keeping the top tier of your wedding cake, then one thing is definite – you must properly package the cake to prevent it from freezer burn. You must also freeze it as quickly as possible after the ceremony so that it seals in as much of the freshness as possible. Another option is to have your cake designer bake you a miniature version of your cake to eat at a later date – that way you can truly savor the delicious treat that you may be too distracted to really taste the day of your wedding.

Whatever you decide, as long as your wedding cake is an impressive dessert that people will admire and remember then you have succeeded in getting the perfect confection for your sweet table.

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