Cutting the Wedding Cake – Do’s and Don’ts

Weddings are heavy with tradition and symbolism and cutting the wedding cake is certainly among the most significant acts that the married couple will do at the reception hall. It is a moment that symbolizes so many things including the couple’s fertility, the first act performed together and the beginning of their new life. It is a sentimental moment that is also very festive and merry. In order to make sure that the cutting of the wedding cake goes off without a hitch, here are a few tips for you to follow:


    • Make sure that the timing is appropriate. If you are hosting a brunch or tea, cut the cake just after the guests have gone through the receiving line. If you are throwing a lunch or supper reception then cut the cake after supper and just before the desserts are served.
    • Make sure to get everyone’s attention by either having your MC announce the event or by replaying the first dance song followed by your wedding cake cutting song. Then have someone from the bridal party – typically the best man make a toast to the couple.
    • Cut the cake with the groom’s right hand gently holding the bride’s right hand – and make sure to slice through the bottom layer!
    • Feed one another from the slice you cut. Typically the groom will first feed the bride and then the bride will feed the groom.
    • Make sure that the bride serves the groom’s parents a piece of cake and that the groom serves the bride’s parents a piece of cake.
    • Make sure that the photographer and videographer are aware of the event before cutting the wedding cake.
    • Try to use a special silver cake knife – either an heirloom or one that you purchase especially for the occasion.

Modern Wedding Cake Pictures



  • Although some people like to smash cake into each other’s faces, it is not a very elegant or dignified thing to do. Not only will it ruin the bride’s makeup (which in many cases was applied professionally) but as this is the first act that the couple performs as husband and wife, it does not bode well for a future of wedded bliss – besides, everything you do will be captured on film and video for generations to come.

If there is a sweet table being served at a wedding, it is generally opened with the cutting of the cake. After this tasty ceremony it is time to hit the dance floor and truly enjoy this day on which you begin your new lives together!


  1. Would it be too fair from tradition to cut a small bride and groom wedding cake at a family/close friend dinner the night before the wedding?

    • If you are referring to cutting from the main wedding cake then I would think that it would look odd with having a piece missing from it on the day of the wedding =)

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