The Winter Wonderland Wedding Cakes

Perhaps nothing is more beautiful than a winter wedding with gently falling snow highlighting the beauty of the festive season. Winter weddings are special for many reasons including the wonderful choice of wedding cakes that they offer up for your pleasure. Winter is great in that you can literally have your choice of any cake you want. As the season is cold it is highly conducive to a wide variety of scrumptious cakes including mousses and ice creams. The choice of winter cake is truly limited only by your imagination and your sense of adventure.

Although you can certainly stick with the traditional tiered wedding cake for your winter wedding you can always shake things up by having that traditional cake be made from your favorite ice cream or a fine mousse. Such desserts would otherwise melt in warm weather which is why they are ideally suited to winter weddings. However, a cool mint icing along with spun sugar decorations could work just as well for a winter wonderland wedding.

Deciding on a theme for your winter wedding can be done with the aid of an experienced cake designer who will be able to lead you in the right direction so that you end up choosing exactly the right flavors, frosting, design and decoration for your winter wedding cake. If you do not know any cake designers ask around – you will be surprised at how many people will be more than willing to point you in the right direction. If no one in your entourage has any hot tips then you should definitely check out any bridal salons or fairs that might be visiting your city. These fantastic places group everyone from wedding planers to vacation planners to cake designers together for your pleasure and convenience.

A winter wedding can certainly be a wonderful thing – and with the right cake it will be as memorable for your guests as the honeymoon will be for you!

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